A medical solution for the skin
Mediderm® is a natural preparation that protects and soothes irritated skin and visible mucous membranes.

✓ Helps heal wounds and remove scars
✓ Antimicrobial action protects against pathogens
✓ Suitable for the treatment of viral infections of the skin and visible mucous membranes
✓ Protects and regenerates the skin, and is also suitable for the care of sensitive skin prone to redness.
✓ Provides a pleasant feeling of freshness, optimal pH value


✓ Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract – antiviral effect, reduces redness, skin irritation, acts on atopic skin and eczema, softens the skin and reduces irritation
✓ Centela Asiatica – Hydrates the skin, helps to remove scars and dark pigmentation
✓ Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract- Helps wound healing by activating a growth factor that affects fibroblasts and has an effect on keratocytes and increases circulation in the area where the wound is
✓ Panthenol – Participates in skin regeneration processes. Panthenol strengthens the protective layer of the skin and improves its elasticity, stimulates the formation of new cells in wounds.
✓ Sodium Hyaluronate – Hydrates, regenerates and heals wounds and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Retains water and increases skin moisture.
✓ Allantoin – Anti-inflammatory effect, relieves inflammation and protects the skin. Keratolytic effect with improvement of desquamation (flaking and flaking) of dead skin cells, increasing the smoothness of the skin. It promotes cell proliferation and wound healing. It protects the skin by forming a complex with sensitizing agents.

Apply by spraying several times during the day, from a distance of 10 cm.
✓ Wounds and burns
✓ After surgical intervention and thread removal
✓ After tattoos
✓ Viral warts on the skin and visible mucous membranes
✓ Burns, irritations and redness.