Medilit ®

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Medical solution for urolithiasis
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Medical solution for urolithiasis

Medilit® is a natural product intended for people with urolithiasis, for the elimination of kidney stones from the urinary tract. It is recommended for excessive formation of salt crystals, as well as for the prevention of re-formation of kidney stones after removal from the urinary tract.


Magnesium citrate 1350 mg, potassium citrate 300 mg, dry extract of rastavica 200 mg and vitamin B6 10 mg.


Adults: Dissolve the contents of the sachet in 250 ml of water once a day and drink. After that, drink another glass of water and drink as much liquid as possible during the day.

Magnesium citrate and potassium citrate – inhibitors of crystallization that prevent and slow down the formation, growth, and accumulation of salt crystals in the urinary tract.

Horsetail – stimulates urine secretion and facilitates the removal of salt crystals and stones from the urinary tract. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, it leads to a reduction in inflammation in the urinary tract.

Vitamin B6 – reduces the excretion of oxalates in urine, while increasing the excretion of citrates, thereby providing additional prevention against the formation of oxalate stones in the kidney.

  • It promotes the dissolution of stones in the urinary tract
  • Facilitates the elimination of stones and sand through urine
  • Halts the growth and formation of stones
  • Contributes to preventing the recurrence of stones
  • Reduces inflammation in the urinary tract