Men's health

Impotence or sexual dysfunction

Impotence or sexual dysfunction is a problem that a relatively large number of men of different ages have occasionally encountered.

For most couples, it is only a short-term disappointment that can be overcome after rest and relaxation, but for many others, this problem becomes chronic and persistent. Male sexual dysfunction is a broad term and refers to:

  • Libido disorder,
  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Ejaculation disorder,
  • Disorder of orgasm.


Male sexual dysfunction is manifested by an inability to have a satisfactory sexual relationship. The most common is erectile dysfunction: the inability to achieve or maintain a firm erection that allows penetration. Medical assistance should be sought if the problem persists for more than six months and / or in more than 50% of attempts. Retrograde ejaculation is a disorder at the level of the bladder neck, when the sperm, instead of being pushed through the penis into the external environment, return to the bladder.


The first step in the diagnosis of sexual dysfunction is a detailed conversation with the patient in order to obtain detailed information about the type and nature of problems with erection, sexual habits and possible accompanying diseases.


If psychogenic impotence is detected, psychotherapy is performed. But, even in cases where there is an organic basis for impotence, talking to a psychologist or psychiatrist who deals with the problem can be very helpful, especially if both partners are involved. The aim of these discussions is to reduce tension in marriage, improve communication between partners and create a realistic approach in anticipation of the effects of other forms of therapy.